Be Ready for Anything with a Generator from Alger Oil & Propane

- 10:00 am - January 25th, 2023

Blackouts can occur any time of year, but in the winter, many events can lead to power outages, like ice storms, blizzards, water main breaks, rolling blackouts, and more. While there's no way to prevent a power outage from occurring in your neighborhood, you can prevent it from hampering your family's comfort while also keeping everyone safe in the process! When you purchase a generator through Alger Oil & Propane, you no longer have to worry about losing power, no matter what time of year it is. 

Fueled by propane or natural gas, a backup generator automatically starts itself when an outage begins, so you'll be able to:

  • Stay safe, warm, and comfortable with your family in a fully functioning home powered by reliable backup power.
  • Stop your food from spoiling with a running refrigerator and freezer.
  • Keep stoves, microwaves, and coffee makers operating so you can have a hot meal and your morning coffee.
  • Help prevent freezing pipes by running the heat, allowing exposed pipes to stay warm.
  • Charge your phones to stay in contact with friends, family members, neighbors and emergency services.
  • Tune into the news stations via television, radio, or the internet so you can track the weather or storm outside.

Alger Oil & Propane has the experience and expert technicians to ensure your new backup generator is hooked up and working correctly. Don't mess around with your homes power; if you'd like to request more information about the benefits of a backup generator, or to purchase one, visit our contact us page for assistance!