Become an Alger Energy Customer and Enjoy Automatic Fuel Deliveries

- 3:12 pm - November 10th, 2020

Alger Energy customers know how convenient it is receiving deliveries on an automatic basis using our automatic delivery service! Automatic delivery allows homeowners to rest easy each heating season knowing full well that we’re looking out for them and their supply of fuel!

Become an Automatic Delivery Customer and You’ll Get…

A full tank of fuel when you need it

We’ll track your fuel usage and estimate when you’ll need deliveries so that your tank stays full. If anything changes in weather patterns or the amount of time you’re spending at home, we’ll increase deliveries to accommodate.

A hands-off solution to staying comfortable

Since we’re keeping an eye on your fuel levels, you don’t have to! And, since we’re delivering your fuel when you need it, there’s no reason for you to pick up the phone and schedule your next delivery.

A healthy and well-maintained fuel storage tank

Keeping a full tank is important for maintaining the health and integrity of your heating system and your heating oil storage tank. With automatic delivery, your tank stays full – and your system stays healthy.

An easy way to avoid paying for emergency deliveries

When the weather outside gets crazy, you can count on having a full tank thanks to our automatic delivery service! This allows you to avoid having to pay for emergency deliveries that could take a while to get to you in the middle of a snowstorm.

Contact us online today to become a customer and enroll in automatic heating oil delivery so you can maintain a full, healthy oil storage tank and your family’s comfort. And, if you’re already an automatic delivery customer, don’t forget to let us know if you or anyone in your household is spending more time at home so we can adjust your deliveries.