Make A/C Systems Run Better With Annual Evaluations

- 11:35 am - April 27th, 2017

Having Alger evaluate your air conditioning system can save you money, and there’s no better time to do it than before the summer rolls in. Whether you have a heat pump that also heats your home, or a central air conditioning system that’s idle all winter, dust and dirt can build up and cause problems down the line. Here’s a few more reasons why getting your system evaluated and maintained by Alger professionals is important not only to your system’s performance, but your family’s health as well.


  • Dust and dirt build up inside your vents, ducts and filters and can be re-circulated into your home along with the cooled air. This can result in allergy flare-ups and respiratory irritation.
  • The outdoor condenser unit can become dirty if not properly covered and given enough clearance from foliage and fallen leaves. Debris can get inside your system and cause efficiency problems or a potential breakdown during periods of use.
  • The moving parts within your air conditioning system need to be properly lubricated, to allow them to move freely. If parts of your system become stuck, it could cause a motor to overheat and burn out leading to extensive and expensive repairs.
  • Falling ice and snow accumulation might have damaged the outdoor component of your system during the winter.


At Alger we want to make sure your air conditioning system goes into the cooling season ready to work as efficiently as possible so you don’t over-spend on energy costs. To ensure that your system is summer ready, contact us today and ask how our Air Conditioning Service Plan can save you money as well.