Alger Oil & Propane delivers on- and off-road ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and biodiesel. Our prices are highly competitive, and we respond promptly and meet tight delivery deadlines in all weather conditions.

To schedule a delivery of diesel fuel, please call Alger Oil & Propane at 610-932-4104 or 410-778-0600 or contact us.


We are pleased to offer ultra-low sulfur biodiesel. Biodiesel works in any conventional diesel engine without need of modification. Made from vegetable oilseed crops, biodiesel dramatically reduces harmful emissions that cause environmental problems such as global warming, acid rain and smog. Engines running on biodiesel have similar fuel mileage to engines running on regular diesel fuel, and biodiesel is shown to increase engine life by displacing gunk and other harmful substances that can become stuck in components.

To schedule a delivery of biodiesel fuel, please call Alger Oil & Propane at 610-932-4104 or 410-778-0600 or contact us.