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24-Hour Service

iStock_9151694XSmall-red-toolbox.pngDue to the ever-present threat of extreme cold weather, no home should enter the heating season without a guarantee of 24-hour emergency coverage for the heating system. A heating system is most likely to fail in extreme cold weather, and heating companies may be flooded with emergency calls at the very moment when you need help the most.

The best way to be prepared is to enroll in a Service Plan for your heating system. Alger Oil & Propane offers a choice of three service agreements, so you can choose the coverage that matches your needs and your budget. We guarantee prompt emergency response to heat emergencies for our Service Plan customers.


Request Service

To request a home heating service from Alger Oil & Propane, please call us at 410-658-5502 or 410-778-3585.


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