Are ductless air conditioners worth it? Yes! Here’s why

- 1:28 pm - March 14th, 2024

Ductless air conditioners, also known as mini-splits, are rising in popularity for their ability to easily maximize home comfort. If you’re looking to go ductless, Alger Oil & Propane has compiled a list of benefits to help you decide.


Benefits of Going Ductless

  • Energy Efficiency – The technology of ductless mini-splits allows the unit to steadily maintain the temperature of your home without the need to cycle on and off, not like central ducted systems.

  • No Energy Loss – Ductless systems avoid energy loss through leaky ducts, which is a common problem in ducted home comfort systems.

  • Zoned Comfort – Unlike central air and heating, ductless units are installed in individual rooms. You can turn off units in rooms that are unoccupied and save on energy bills!

  • Dual Functionality – The ductless units offered by Alger Oil & Propane can serve as both heating and cooling systems. You no longer have to use two different thermostats for your home comfort!

  • Easy Installation – These units can be installed in homes without ducts, allowing you to cool hard-to-reach rooms.

  • Great for Extensions and Remodels: If you’ve made a new addition to your home that isn’t connected to your central home comfort system, a ductless system is a great solution. You now have the capability to cool attics, basements, garages, and other extensions of your home.


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