Did You Forget to Remember to Schedule a Fuel Delivery?

- 11:50 am - December 21st, 2017

Some days it can feel like you’re constantly asking yourself questions that start with “Did I remember to…”

Did I remember to pick up the mail?

Did I remember to throw the laundry in the dryer?

Did I remember to order my heating fuel? 

If you answer no to the first two questions, it may be enough to land you in the doghouse, but if you answer no to the third, you could wind up in a coldhouse. So, why not scratch that question off your list?

One Less Thing to Remember

When you enroll in automatic delivery with Alger Oil & Propane, you don’t have to remember to order your heating oil or propane – we deliver it to you before you even know you need it. You don’t have to remember to check fuel levels, call for a delivery, or know which day it’s coming.

How We Help Ensure Your Supply

We analyze your past usage and use a sophisticated degree-day weather monitoring system to design a custom delivery schedule, and adjust the schedule based on changes in the weather. Degree days compare the average of the high and low temperatures recorded in your area to a standard temperature of 65°F. Typically the more extreme the temperatures, the higher the number of degree days, and the more often you’ll need fuel delivered. Conversely, the milder the temperatures, the lower the number of degree days, and the less fuel you’ll need.  

Enroll In Automatic Delivery Today

You don’t need to ask yourself if you remembered to order your heating fuel – just enroll in automatic delivery from Alger Oil & Propane and we’ll take care of it for you. Contact us today.--