Don't Forget to Evaluate Your A/C's Efficiency!

- 10:00 am - March 22nd, 2023

Just because your air conditioning system seems to be running fine doesn’t necessarily mean it is. You may be asking, ‘well, if it’s not broken, why should I fix it?’ but when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency and costs, you’re going to want to know why you should, in fact, fix it.

With poor efficiency, using your outdated air conditioning system costs you more than it would cost to upgrade it. Through an efficiency evaluation, experts at Alger Oil & Propane assess the efficiency and function of your equipment. From the comparisons we make regarding your current system’s efficiency against various replacement systems, you are able to make informed decisions on the likely return on investment and payback period.

At Alger, we value our loyal customers, which is why we offer them an A/C system evaluation for free.

To request an evaluation of your air conditioning system, please call Alger Oil & Propane at 610-932-4104 or 410-778-0600 or contact us.