Hello, Summer!

- 9:41 am - July 21st, 2022

At Alger, we install and service a wide range of air conditioning equipment, including ductless and central air conditioning systems. Even if you have the latest in modern, high-efficiency cooling equipment, you can help boost the longevity of your AC systems with our comprehensive air conditioning plan!

Even during the winter, your air conditioning equipment is put through a lot – between heavy snowfall, gusting winds blowing around debris, ice and other environmental factors, there’s no telling how hard-hitting the winter can be. Without a regular tune-up, such as the one included in our air conditioning plan, you won’t know how bad your AC is performing until it’s too late!

A yearly tune-up can save you money, prevent issues related to winter damage and extend the life of your system. Here are just a few steps we take to ensure your system is operating as best as it can:

  • Inspect and adjust refrigerant and temperature controls
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Check belts and adjust tension
  • Check air filters and operating pressures
  • Check compressor, evaporator motor, condenser motor, amperage and voltage
  • Clean lint and dirt from condensers and blow out condensate drain line

Keep your air conditioning system running well all summer by calling Alger today and scheduling a tune-up! And, to save yourself some extra cash, enroll in our air conditioning service plan as well.