Let Us Help You Save on Cooling This Summer

- 10:51 am - July 14th, 2020

When you rely heavily on your air conditioning system, it shows on your utility bill. But what if there were ways to lower your cooling costs without having to sacrifice your comfort? After all, what good is an air conditioning system if you can’t use it?

Luckily, Alger Oil & Propane are the air conditioning experts you can turn to for all of your cooling needs - and we’re here to help you save on cooling costs.

AC Maintenance

With tune-ups performed regularly, typically on an annual basis, your cooling equipment will be working more efficiently and reliably than equipment that is not regularly maintained. You’ll also save on repair costs, as all minor repairs are performed during the tune-up helping to significantly reduce any mid-summer breakdowns.

AC Upgrades

Installing new air conditioning equipment can help lower your utility costs. That’s because today’s AC systems are far more efficient than those manufactured decades ago and use less energy to operate.

AC Service Plans

It’s not necessarily just the utility costs that increase over time, but repair costs as well. By enrolling in an AC service plan, you’ll be protected with discounts on select parts and labor in addition to the annual tune-up and inspection that’s included with the plan.

Take advantage of our AC services today! Whether you’re looking to maintain, upgrade or protect your air conditioning system, we’re standing by waiting for your call.

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