Preparing for Winter With Alger Oil & Propane

- 3:50 pm - September 19th, 2018

You may not be able to stop the temperature from dropping, but you can prepare your home for it! In order to stay cozy during the fall and winter, look to Alger Oil & Propane – with our wide selection of services, your home can be your escape from the cold!

Fuel Delivery

Whether you use propane or heating oil, Alger can help you keep a full tank in order to maintain your comfort. Our heating oil customers can enjoy automatic delivery – where we track your fuel usage and respond to the severity of the coming weather in order to make deliveries when you need them!

Heating Equipment

When it comes to your home’s first line of defense against the cold weather, we keep things working efficiently! We can evaluate your heating system, and if we find any issues, make suggestions to you on how to fix them. If you decide to take our advice, we can help you with new system installations and upgrades.

Service Plans

Protecting your heating equipment with a Hot Air Service Plan or a Boiler Service Plan from Alger ensures that your equipment, new or old, will be able to hold up against the severity of winter. Annual tune-ups keep your system in check, while priority service puts you higher up on our call list.

With these services and more, Alger Oil & Propane will be here for you! Need to know more? Don’t be shy! Give us a call or contact us online to ask about what services are right for you and your comfort.