Propane Storage Safety

- 11:44 am - July 20th, 2017

Summer is the season of propane-fueled grills, so it’s important to know how to store and transport propane cylinders to ensure a proper and safe environment for your family and friends. Here are four important things to keep in mind when storing or transporting your propane cylinder:

  • Transport cylinders in a secured, upright position with the valve closed and outlet capped or plugged.
  • Propane cylinders must be inspected and recertified every 10 years.
  • Do not use or transport cylinders that show signs of corrosion or appear to be leaking.
  • Never use, store or transport your cylinder where it could be exposed to high temperatures. Avoid storing spare cylinders under or near a gas grill.

Propane can be used to fuel entire homes including heat systems, pool heaters, fireplaces, water heaters, generators and so much more. The safety of propane has made it a fuel of choice for many Maryland residents. If you have any questions about propane services, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.