Put Your Heating System to the Test!

- 11:23 am - October 30th, 2019

The last thing any Maryland or Pennsylvania homeowner wants to deal with is to turn on their heating system to find that it won’t deliver any heat! Luckily, there are steps you can take now to check your heating system and ensure it’s running properly and ready to go when you need it!

Follow these steps for testing your heating equipment…

  • Turn up the heat at least five degrees higher than the current room temperature. If it’s a clock thermostat, make sure the timer is set correctly or place it in “manual” mode. A working heating system will spring into action in a minute or two, letting you know you’re ready to take on the winter! If it doesn’t turn on…

  • Check your switches! Make sure the emergency switch and all other switches on the heating unit are on.

  • Check for any blown fuses or tripped breakers. If necessary, replace any blown fuses or reset your circuit breaker.

  • Check the oil. Check your tank gauge to see if there’s enough oil in the tank.

  • Push the “Reset” button ONE TIME ONLY. If none of the above applies, find the reset button, which is usually located next to the burner. Do not press the reset button a second time under any circumstances.

And that’s it! How did it go? If your heating system kicked on without a problem, then your home is ready for the winter. If your system didn’t start, however, it’s good that you know about it now! Be sure to contact us to have an Alger technician inspect your equipment and get things back into working order.