Service Plans Offer Smart Protection

- 11:29 am - December 21st, 2016

As winter descends, your heating equipment is put to the test. Make sure that it is working properly and that you are protected from expensive repairs, with a heating service plan from Alger Oil & Propane.

We offer two service plan options, Silver and Gold. Both plans include essential protection:

  • An annual tune-up by an Alger heating expert. During the tune-up, we test and adjust the oil burner for maximum efficiency, inspect the combustion chamber and clean and check electrodes and nozzle assembly. We also check the filters, lubricate the motor, and check the safety and operating controls.
  • The plan assures you of priority service and 24-hour emergency service.
  • Many system parts are covered in the event of a repair, so your costs are limited in the event of an equipment failure.

As comprehensive as the Silver Plan is, the Gold Plan is an even better choice if you have an older system or don’t want unexpected repair costs, because it covers more components of your heating system.

Whichever plan you choose, you benefit from the expertise of Alger’s elite service team. Our technicians receive regular training so that they are prepared for every situation they encounter. They also carry advanced diagnostic equipment for accurate troubleshooting, and we maintain an excellent parts inventory on every service vehicle.

You can learn more by visiting our Service Plans page and our FAQ page, where we answer questions about our plan. To sign up for a service plan, please contact us today.