Should You Close Vents in Unused Rooms in Your Home?

- 10:00 am - May 14th, 2024

Alger Oil & Propane’s dedication to saving you money remains the same year-round, and you might have heard that closing your central air system’s vents in unused rooms is a great way to cut down on energy expenses. Contrary to popular belief, this practice is not the best way to save money on cooling costs.


Why You Should Not Close Off Individual Room Vents:

  • Disrupted airflow: Your HVAC system is designed for balanced airflow throughout your home. Closing vents disrupts this balance, causing your system to work harder to regulate temperatures.
  • Increased pressure: Closing vents creates pressure in the ducts, which can lead to leaks in your ductwork and strain on your system. Added pressure can significantly reduce efficiency and increase energy costs.
  • Comfort issues: Uneven temperatures can result from closing vents in unused rooms in your home. When you close your vents, airflow is decreased, causing hot and/or cold spots and making your living space uncomfortable.
  • Potential damage: In extreme cases, closing vents can lead to frozen coils in your air conditioning system during the summer. This can damage your system and lead to costly repairs.


Now that the myth has been debunked, you’re probably wondering how else you can save on energy costs. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat and getting annual tune-ups for your cooling system can help increase efficiency and decrease your monthly energy bills. Alger Oil & Propane is here to help with maintenance, repairs, and installations of central air and ductless systems. We are happy to help our customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland tackle another hot summer while saving money on home comfort. Visit our air conditioning services page for more information.