Warmer Weather Ahead… Let’s Be Prepared!

- 8:50 am - April 30th, 2020

Eventually your air conditioning equipment will be working hard to keep you comfortable in your Maryland, Pennsylvania or Delaware home as the temperatures rise, but is it up for the task? You can help it along by doing your part in getting your AC system ready with just a few simple tasks!

Before turning on your AC, don’t forget to…

Remove Condenser Covers

Condenser covers keep debris from getting inside the outdoor equipment and causing damage to the system, but running the AC with the cover still on can cause issues as well! This is because the equipment requires adequate airflow to function properly - which isn’t possible while covered.

Change the Air Filters

Dirty and blocked air filters can impede airflow, but that’s not all you have to consider! The dirt and dust in dirty filters can become circulated back into the home, causing excessive dust throughout the rooms and less-than healthy air quality. Changing the filters at least once a month while running the equipment is recommended!

Clean the Vents and Registers

Just as filters can become blocked with dirt, so too can the vents and registers throughout your home. Give them a good cleaning to ensure you feel the conditioned air coming through and to ensure that there is no dirt or dust being circulated through the home.

Finally, the most important thing you can do…

Schedule an AC Evaluation

Alger Energy offers regular customers a free AC evaluation! We’ll test your equipment’s efficiency and provide a complete inspection. Then we’ll give you options on boosting your cooling comfort while saving on cooling costs.

Would you like to learn more about our free AC evaluation? Give us a call or contact us online to schedule yours today!