What’s Wrong With Your Ducts?

- 3:39 pm - October 17th, 2018

The ductwork of your heating system is what gets the warm air where you need it to go. Sometimes, however, problems can develop inside your ductwork that affect the output of air, and without a regular cleaning from Alger Energy, you could lose money and waste energy all winter long. Here are a few problems you might experience with your ductwork:

Leaks are common in flexible ductwork because it is susceptible to being punctured by nails, chewed through by rodents, or accidentally crushed in attic spaces. Rigid ductwork can still suffer from leaks, often occurring when spaces develop in joints.

Kinks cause resistance to airflow, resulting in less-than-optimal functionality of your heating system. Sometimes the way the flexible ductwork is run (around sharp corners, tight spaces, etc.) can cause kinks and twists in the system.

Blockage caused by dirt, dust and other debris that accumulates or falls into the system can decrease airflow and cause damage over time, resulting in leaks.

Poor Insulation around your ductwork enables heated air to escape, causing your equipment to work harder in order to make up for the lost air.

Poor Design of the ductwork can lead to problems down the line. If the ductwork bends and turns often or is too long, the air temperature may drop before the air reaches its destination, resulting in cooler air.

No matter what the problem is with the ductwork in your home that’s causing you discomfort, Alger Energy is just a phone call away! We can repair and maintain the ductwork in your home in order to boost you system’s efficiency and enhance your comfort. Contact us today to learn more!