When and Why You Should Upgrade Your Heating System

- 10:53 am - September 15th, 2020

The nights are getting cooler! Is it a sign of things to come? No matter what the heating season has in store for our neck of the woods, Alger Energy is ready to help with heating system installations and upgrades when you need them. How do you know when you need an upgrade? We’re glad you asked!

Here are some things to consider when evaluating your heating system:

The Age of Your Heating System

Over the years, normal wear and tear can catch up to your heating equipment and – no matter how well maintained it might be – cause it to operate less efficiently and effectively. Old age doesn’t inherently mean it’s time to trade it in for a newer model, but once the age of your system starts negatively impacting your comfort and your bank account it’s worth thinking about upgrading.

The Efficiency Rating of Your Heating System

Heating equipment has come a long way, and today’s furnaces and boilers boast efficiency ratings of 90% or higher, significantly higher than boilers and furnaces manufactured decades ago. Efficiency is the measure of how well the equipment burns fuel and produces usable heat, and a surefire way to improve your comfort and heating costs is by upgrading to a heating system with a higher efficiency rating than your current system.

The Size of Your Heating System

When it comes to heating your home, heating equipment size is an important factor! Every home is different and requires a particularly sized heating system in order to efficiently warm the space. Equipment that’s too large for a space will result in uneven temperatures and an increase in wear and tear. Meanwhile, equipment that’s too small will run constantly – quickly consuming fuel as it attempts to keep up with your demand for warmth. For optimal comfort, get the right-sized heating system from Alger Energy!

Take some time to think about how well-equipped your home is for the heating season ahead. If you have any concerns, Alger Energy can help evaluate your heating system and inform you of any cost-effective improvements you can make to maintain your comfort. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation!